Johnny Minardi

Hello, my name is Johnny Minardi. I'm from Chicago, IL. I run a company called self titled management where i represent very talented producers. Let's make some music together. //////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////// I'm also a Chicago sports enthusiast. Be nice to each other.

And just like James, I’ll be drinking Irish tonight and the memory of his last work week will be gone forever”


"People Like Me, We Just Don’t Play"

Great tune!

Music video: The Maine ‘Run’. I’ve loved watching these dudes grow up and continue to stretch their sound. They’ve turned into one of the better bands our scene has ever produced. Stoked to continue to see where they go.

15 years later, I still dig this band.


Overdue Update

OD 3.0 is now shipping.

On July 6th 2004, Gatsbys American Dream released an EP on LLR Recordings that would re-define their band once again. Produced by Casey Bates, who would go on to produce the band’s next two albums, the EP served as a mission statement for the group. In the Land of Lost Monsters became an essential bridge of experimentation between Ribbons & Sugar to Volcano.  A little more than 10 years later, the EP is coming to vinyl for the first time.

We’re very proud to announce In The Land of Lost Monsters by Gatsbys American Dream is now available on vinyl. No Pre-Order, simply shipping now.

There are 3 variants, here’s the pressing information:

  • 200 Black with a hand-numbered OBI Strip
  • 350 Black
  • 550 Clear / Glow in the Dark Split
The EP has been remastered for vinyl, and cut at 45 RPM. Each record is 180 gram vinyl, hand-numbered with all-new album art  (original artwork unfortunately did not reproduce for the LP format). The liner notes feature an all-new interview with Nic Newsham and Bobby Darling conducted by Sarah Shay. Each record also comes with a free download code.

Like the previous releases, 100% profits (or approximately 52% of the sales price) for this release will be donated to Water.Org. Additionally, the profits for the previous releases have been donated to Water.Org. Together, we’ve raised $3415 from the sales of the two previous releases so far! According to Water.Org, we’ve created permanent sources of clean water for 137 people. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed!

A record I released on my first label over 10 years ago is on vinyl for the first time ever. I have such fond memories of working with Gatsbys American Dream and am glad this is finally on vinyl. Pick one up!

Bring Back The Cheap Punk Compilation



July 16, 2014
by Bryne Yancey

By the time I was twelve years old—old enough to go and experience select things on my own, without parental supervision, but far too young to be out after 9 p.m. without it—I started getting a weekly allowance.

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Great memories here. I used to clean up at Warped Tour. Fat used to sell 4 CDs for $5.

Short Music for Short People was the best!

Be the change you want to see in the world. (Credit: Yondr Studio)

Be the change you want to see in the world. (Credit: Yondr Studio)

Talent is a wonderful thing, but it won’t carry a quitter.

—Stephen King, Duma Key (via observando)

(via karasmarsh)

Hollywoodland. 1923.

Hollywoodland. 1923.

Incredibly inspiring to hear all the stories of Rick Rubin’s past. He had a huge hand in so many legendary records.